Monday, April 21, 2008


Back in December 2005 I launched as a resource for collectors and connoisseurs who wish to explore the rich diversity of photography. This project has expanded far beyond my original expectations and now includes over 28,000 images and details on over 6,000 photographers and this is far from all.

When I started the site I set myself several guidelines:

  • All forms, techniques and processes of photography should be included as Daguerreotypes, cyanotypes, carte de visites and montages are an essential part of the history.

  • All regions of the world should be included.

  • All historical periods should be covered.
The intention was to be critically selective and inclusive so the website could grow organically and at the same time evolve depending upon user comments and requirements. This flexibility has been rewarding and the website includes vast amounts of unpublished photographs, texts, anecdotes and unexpected connections.

It is not the intention of Luminous-Lint to include every photographer but to seek out those, both living and dead, who fill in specific gaps in the overall structure. As this blog progresses I'll explain the structure that is evolving.

All the best, Alan Griffiths

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