Monday, June 30, 2008

Luminous-Lint Newsletter 2.9 - June 30, 2008 has been emailed

Luminous-Lint Newsletter 2.9 (June 30, 2008) for Collectors and Connoisseurs of Fine Photography has been emailed to all those on our mailing list and you can subscribe to these free newsletters if you haven't already done so.

Past issues of the newsletter are in the library on the Luminous-Lint website.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Adding video content to Luminous-Lint

I've been experimenting with the immense range of videos on YouTube to see how they could be used to improve our understanding of photo-history on There is remarkable and little known material including interviews with photo curators and photographers, gallery exhibitions, biographical studies of photographers, discussions on the significance of individual photographs, TV documentaries and much more. It is important to stress that at times the copyright issues over both the images and music involved is far from clear.

The first step to showing this material is the organization of a channel on YouTube for bringing together the materials and you can see the start of this at:

Then the video material will be linked onto the webpages of the photographers, techniques, institutions, timelines etc on Luminous-Lint so it is seamless. From the tests I've been doing this has immense educational possibilities.

If others are involved in using video materials in teaching photo-history please get in contact. Alan

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Luminous-Lint - New exhibition - Abstract: Below

Ilse Bing
Eiffel Tower, Paris

Gelatin silver print
8 3/4 x 11 in

Edwynn Houk Gallery

New exhibition has been added to Luminous-Lint.

"To look up to, to respect; to regard with deference."
[1913 Webster]

Friday, June 27, 2008

19th Century Advertising and Promotional Literature - Request for examples

Chase's Daguerreotype Rooms

Collection Matthew R. Isenburg

I am seeking to expand the ephemera sections of the Luminous-Lint website so that I can make available online exhibitions of examples covering nineteenth century broadsides, business cards, chemical bottles, packaging, backgrounds, medals and commemorative items. Matthew R. Isenburg kindly provided a remarkable starting point for this some time ago and I'd like to make these exhibitions available and better integrated into the rest of the website. I'm interested in materials relating to Daguerreotypes, salt prints, ambrotypes, tintypes, carte de visite, cabinet cards, stereocards, stereo viewers, Woodburytypes etc.

If you have computer files containing the texts of diaries, adverts or 19th century promotional materials I'm always interested. All research is fully credited with appropriate links.

Luminous-Lint - new exhibition - Abstract: Viewpoint: Above

David Maisel
Oblivion 1382-52p

Paul Kopeikin Gallery
© David Maisel, Courtesy Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles

A new exhibition has been added to Luminous-Lint.

Within a dictionary "To look down upon" is to treat with contempt or indifference. Within photography "altitudinal advantage" increases distance but also creates a fresh viewpoint.

This online exhibition includes examples showing how George Silk, George Rodger and Alexander Rodchenko used higher vantage points to reduce the individuality of formations of soldiers and athletes to morph them into single formal and yet abstract groups. The less structured shapes created by groups are shown in Margaret Bourke-White's "Hats in the Garment District, New York City" (1930), Marte Previti's "Extension of power" (1940) and Lev Borodulin's "Broke away" (1957).

In 1966 André Kertész took photographs from his apartment window of tracks in the snow in Washington Square in New York City in much the same way as a hunter following a game trail with the curving lines bringing a strong sense of motion to the scenes. The same effect is shown by Klavdij Sluban in his photograph "Finland" (2001) from his series Other Shores - The Baltic Sea (2001-2005).

Increasing the distance from the scene enhances the appearance of abstraction and this is shown in the WWI and WWII aerial reconnaissance photographs. Here we are brought back with a thump to the real world by intervening objects - falling bombs. Within the photographs of David Maisel, William A. Garnett and Mario Giacomelli we see both urban and rural settings where revealed shapes are the key. In satellite imagery the utilitarian purposes can be ignored by those just seeking beauty. Whilst we can look down upon the world at varying scales those with vision don't see it with indifference but rather with wonder.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Auction Results: Spring 2008 - New York - analysis by Brian Appel

August Sander
Maler Heinrich Hoerle (Painter Heinrich Hoerle)
1928 (taken) 1933-1935 (ca, print)

Gelatin silver print
22 3/4 by 18 3/8 in

Phillips de Pury - New York
Illustration courtesy of Phillips de Pury & Co., 2008

Auction sale:
pre-sale est.: $150,000-$250,000
price realized: $157,000
PHILLIPS de PURY & CO., "Collection of Corbeau et Renard", April 9, 2008, Lot #140

Examining the photograph auction results is fascinating reading for collectors and I'd like to thank Brian Appel for preparing this clear analysis of the Spring 2008 photograph sales in New York.

Thanks to the following auction houses for providing the photographs:

Phillips de Pury & Company

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Luminous-Lint Newsletter

The Luminous-Lint newsletter keeps you informed about the key issues within Fine Photography, the latest online exhibitions on Luminous-Lint, press releases and key publications. It is a must for anybody seriously interested in photography.

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Luminous-Lint on FACEBOOK

Luminous-Lint includes a number of collaborative projects and the online exhibitions are a part of this with over 374 available covering a vast range of topics on historic, vintage and contemporary photography. Thanks to everybody involved and as the exhibitions become increasingly integrated into the thematic sections we will have a remarkable educational resource.

Collaboration has always been a key component of Luminous-Lint and over a 1000 collectors, gallery owners, dealers, photo-historians, photographers and connoisseurs have assisted and we are now planning the next phase. We will do this in conjunction with a series of community networks and the first part of this is using FACEBOOK. As some of you are aware that this is a website for building communities and so you can find my rudimentary page at:

Alan Griffiths - on Facebook

I've also set up a group Luminous-Lint on Facebook and to join this you will need to be invited or approved by me but anybody with a serious interest in photography will be. Discussions will be posted within the group to promote stimulating thoughts on how Luminous-Lint can be improved and I hope you will participate. Alan

Milton Inman - new online exhibition on Luminous-Lint

Milton Inman
1925 (ca)

Gelatin silver print
8 x 10 in

Carl Mautz Vintage Photographs
Classic pictorial image of working stevedores moving barrels

Milton Inman was born in Chicago in 1899, Inman moved with his family to Los Angeles the same year. He graduated from the University of Southern California in 1920. He worked as a writer and photographer for several Los Angeles newspapers, and carried on a commercial photography business as well. Inman was a long time member of the Camera Pictorialists of Los Angeles and exhibited his photographs throughout the United States. He died in Pasadena in 1979. This online exhibition includes twelve examples of his work and was kindly provided by Carl Mautz Vintage Photographs.

For those interested in Californian pictorialism there is an excellent exhibition catalog on the subject:

Pictorialism in California: Photographs 1900-1940 With essays by Michael G. Wilson and Dennis Reed (The J. Paul Getty Museum, The Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery, 1994). This is a catalog of exhibitions held at the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Huntington Library, Sept, 13 - Nov. 27, 1994.

View exhibition on Milton Inman

Monday, June 9, 2008

Portraits: Parts of body: Legs

Leg Cast
Private collection of Nigel Maister

"Darling, the legs aren't so beautiful, I just know what to do with them."

Marlene Dietrich
(German born American Actress, 1901-1992)

This online exhibition on Luminous-Lint is a continuation of the "Photographic Full Body Map" and other parts include:

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Luminous-Lint Newsletter 2.8 - June 5, 2008

Luminous-Lint Newsletter 2.8 - June 5, 2008 on fine photography has been emailed to all those on our mailing list and you can subscribe to these free newsletters if you haven't already done so.

Past issues of the newsletter are in the library on the Luminous-Lint website.

Portraits: Parts of body: Feet

Advertising collage
1940s (ca)

Gelatin silver print
14 x 12 in

Courtesy of Larry Gottheim - Be-Hold (46 / 200)

Two recent Luminous-Lint exhibitions have been added that are part of a "Photographic Full Body Map" - the first was the online exhibition Back view and this was followed by
Portraits: Parts of body: Hands. The latest exhibition concentrates on Portraits: Parts of body: Feet.

"Isn't it awful that cold feet make for a cold imagination and that a pair of woollen socks induce good thoughts!"

Franz Grillparzer (1791–1872), Austrian author
Notebooks and Diaries (1819)

If there are collectors who can assist with photographs of the body I would be most grateful - I'm particularly interested in 19th and early 20th century photographs of eyes, ears, genitalia, breasts, skulls, knees and elbows in any format. Medical photography and x-rays are also of interest - many thanks, Alan -

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Architecture: Bridges

Boehl & Koenig
(St. Lousis, Missouri)
1873, August (earlier)

Stereoview, Detail
Jefferson Stereoptics
Courtesy of John Saddy (Auction, Tues. August 29th & Thurs. August 31st, 2006, # 06-3, Lot 705)

BRIDGE: "structure spanning and providing passage over a gap or barrier, such as a river, chasm or roadway."

This online exhibition on Luminous-Lint includes photographs from a vast variety of sources to provide an overview of bridge photography. It includes classic views as well as rarely seen photographs of bridges under construction. If you have further examples in your collection please let me know and I'm particularly interested in sets showing a sequence of photographs of a single bridge or building at different phases of construction.

Architecture: Bridges

Monday, June 2, 2008

Blue Sky Gallery (Portland, Oregon, USA) is seeking a new executive director

Blue Sky is seeking a new executive director for world-renowned photography nonprofit in Portland, Oregon.

Dedicated to showing the best photography we can find, Blue Sky Gallery continues its 33 year run. We own a stunning new 3700 square foot space and now have a significant endowment. Your responsibilities will include fiscal management, grant writing, and other fundraising; the coordination of artistic content, including exhibitions, lectures and publications; and strategic planning with our board. You will be one of two paid staff, and will work closely with a dedicated group of volunteers, including participation in curatorial decisions as a member of Blue Sky’s unique exhibition committee. Experience with nonprofit arts organizations is important; photography background is desirable but not necessary; ability to work collaboratively with others is essential.