Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Luminous-Lint on FACEBOOK

Luminous-Lint includes a number of collaborative projects and the online exhibitions are a part of this with over 374 available covering a vast range of topics on historic, vintage and contemporary photography. Thanks to everybody involved and as the exhibitions become increasingly integrated into the thematic sections we will have a remarkable educational resource.

Collaboration has always been a key component of Luminous-Lint and over a 1000 collectors, gallery owners, dealers, photo-historians, photographers and connoisseurs have assisted and we are now planning the next phase. We will do this in conjunction with a series of community networks and the first part of this is using FACEBOOK. As some of you are aware that this is a website for building communities and so you can find my rudimentary page at:

Alan Griffiths - on Facebook

I've also set up a group Luminous-Lint on Facebook and to join this you will need to be invited or approved by me but anybody with a serious interest in photography will be. Discussions will be posted within the group to promote stimulating thoughts on how Luminous-Lint can be improved and I hope you will participate. Alan

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