Friday, June 27, 2008

19th Century Advertising and Promotional Literature - Request for examples

Chase's Daguerreotype Rooms

Collection Matthew R. Isenburg

I am seeking to expand the ephemera sections of the Luminous-Lint website so that I can make available online exhibitions of examples covering nineteenth century broadsides, business cards, chemical bottles, packaging, backgrounds, medals and commemorative items. Matthew R. Isenburg kindly provided a remarkable starting point for this some time ago and I'd like to make these exhibitions available and better integrated into the rest of the website. I'm interested in materials relating to Daguerreotypes, salt prints, ambrotypes, tintypes, carte de visite, cabinet cards, stereocards, stereo viewers, Woodburytypes etc.

If you have computer files containing the texts of diaries, adverts or 19th century promotional materials I'm always interested. All research is fully credited with appropriate links.

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