Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Carte-de-visite (CDVs)

F.B. Clench's

Carte de visite (Back)
Antiq-Photo / Rainbow Creations
Courtesy of Anthony Davis - Antiq-photo / Rainbow creations (www.19cPhoto.com)


For those that are intrigued by Carte-de-visite (CDVs) there is a Yahoo discussion group available at


This groups is frequented by notable photo-historians and collectors of CDVs and if you have any questions it is a good place to follow up your research. I thought that it might be useful to show here some of the online exhibitions on Luminous-Lint that include CDVs.

1Carte de visite
2 Royalty
3 Celebrities
4 Occupational
5 Backs
6 Storage and display

With thanks to all of those that have shared their knowledge so willing over the last few years.

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