Friday, May 2, 2008

John Loengard: Celebrating the Negative

John Loengard
André Kertész "Satiric Dancer" 1926
[Celebrating The Negative]
1926 (original image) 2008 (publication)

A new online exhibition John Loengard: Celebrating the Negative has been added to Luminous-Lint that examines famous negatives in photography

"It is a quirk of nature that silver and chlorine combine in the dark but separate when struck by light, leaving behind tiny, black, round particles of silver. In 1833, an English gentleman named Henry Fox Talbot coated a sheet of paper with silver chloride and after putting a leaf on top, left it in the sun, so that dark silver appeared everywhere except in the leaf’s shape. Under the leaf, the paper remained white. A wash in saltwater stopped the process. The negative was born."

Each image has a full accompanying description that provides the context.

Thanks to the Etherton Gallery for their assistance in providing this exhibition from a new portfolio of photographs by John Loengard.

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