Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Photographic Full Body Map

You may have noticed the recent online exhibitions I've added to Luminous-Lint include Hands and Back view - these have been very popular and are being extended with additional contributions from photographers and galleries - many thanks.

The intention is to create a "Photographic Full Body Map" where each part or area of the body has a distinct online exhibition that shows how it has been photographed from the earliest days of photography. Finding good examples is easier for some parts - hands, eyes, legs, backs are common themes but some areas are not so this is your opportunity to assist. I'm seeking unusual and classic photographs of ears, the mouth, feet, single fingers, toes, knees, elbows, the delicate areas and I mean declicate. So if you have a daguerreotype of a mouth, a tintype of just a knee, or any print showing an ear I'd be fascinated and I'm interested in all periods of photography and medical photographs are permissable. Each selected image will be credited and for each image I need full caption details:
  1. Photographer name
  2. Title
  3. Date
  4. Name of series (if appropriate)
  5. Photograph type
  6. Size
  7. Anecdote (if there is anything you would like to add about the image)

The images can be sent as jpgs at a maximum length on the height or width axis of 1000 pixels at 200dpi. The higher quality I receive the higher the quality on the website but please note that some artifacts may occur due to compression. For screen display images are normally shown at a maximum of 500 pixels on an axis at around 72 dpi.

If there is a website for the images you feel should be included just send me the link - if sending images only send a couple for me to get a sense of and I'll be in touch if I need others. Let's see what treasures we can unearth - Alan.

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