Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Are you a passionate enthusiast and collector?

Do you collect photography-related items but don't have the desire or time to build a website?

Would you like to share your passion with fellow enthusiasts?

Well read on.... if you have a collection that relates to any area of the history of photography I'm interested.

  • Photographs of combs, mountaineers and mountaineering, famous aviators, scientific equipment, feet or any other subject

  • Studio stamps, signatures and portraits of photographers

  • Early photographically illustrated books and exhibition catalogs

  • The backs of carte-de-visites and cabinet cards

  • Photographs of a particular region, locality or building

  • Labels for photography societies and exhibitions

  • Every model of Brewster stereocard viewer

Whatever your interest in photography is, and even if your partner and friends no longer want to hear about it, I do. If you have fellow enthusiasts who would like to work together to pool knowledge and examples even better. For some online exhibitions on Luminous-Lint we bring together teams of people to work collaboratively and that is rewarding for everyone.

I'll need a set of images, a caption list and a short introduction. It's a very straight forward process - so no matter what aspect of photography you are passionate and knowledgeable about send me your idea for an exhibition and we'll discuss it.


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