Monday, September 8, 2008

Thomas Kellner: Dancing Walls

Thomas Kellner
66#11 Mexico, Basilica de Guadelupe
[Dancing Walls]

68.2 x 69.7 cm / 26.6 x 27.2 in

Provided by the artist - Thomas Kellner


From the introduction to this new exhibition on Luminous-Lint of the works of Thomas Kellner:

Each photographic work since 1997 is methodically made up of horizontally placed film strips of up to one thousand two hundred and sixty nine individual pictures. Every single one of these smaller images were taken with the camera from a slighlty shifted perspective and subsequently combined into an overall picture, creating an entirely new image. As an artistic photomontage – originally fused as a group of film strips, then as an exposed contact print, presently prepared digitally – each large-scale color photograph reveals its creation process upon closer inspection. With this his approach Thomas Kellner stands together with traditional procedures in photography history that examine not only the camera as an apparatus for producing images, but also the process in which we perceive images.

“Kellner is closer to David Hockney and his idea of grasping something with multiple pictures, since a single photograph simply isn’t enough. (…) Thus, Thomas Kellner does not photograph architecture, but perceptions of architecture. He reconstructs our picture memory. He doesn’t document, he archives.”

Reinhold Misselbeck, former Curator of Photography, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, in: Eikon Vol. 38, Vienna, Austria, 2002

Thanks to Thomas Kellner for his help with this exhibition.

There is an online exhibition on Luminous-Lint.

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