Tuesday, July 22, 2008

19th century advertising for photographers or using photographs

Gilles, Photo.
Monde. Heure exacte de ses principales villes lorsqu'il est midi juste a Paris

Private collection of Thomas Weynants
Shows the clocks of A. Bertrand of Namur in Belgium. We are looking for further information on the purpose of this CDV.

Recently on the Yahoo Photohistory list Thomas Weynants (of the fascinating Media Archaeology website - http://www.visual-media.eu) put up a request for information relating to two unusual carte de visites he has showing clocks and if you can provide any information send it through. You can see an image of one of them above.

This brings me to a more general point - I'm bringing together examples for online exhibitions on Luminous-Lint relating to photographs used in nineteenth century advertising for people, products and services. This is still rudimentary but in the exhibition link below you'll see the kinds of material I'm interested in. This exhibition shows how photographers promoted themselves but I'm interested in advertising more generally and the stranger and odder the better. I'm particularly interested in CDVs and Cabinet Cards showing products.

Examples of 19th century photographic advertising:

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