Thursday, July 10, 2008

Christian Patterson: Sound Effects

Christian Patterson
Memphis, TN, April 2003 (Seagram's Seven)
[Sound Affects]
2003, April

24 x 36 in

Provided by the artist - Christian Patterson
© Christian Patterson

When I first saw the work of Christian Patterson I reveled in the rich colors and their echoes of William Eggleston.

I had an email in from Christian earlier today that his first book of photographs - Sound Affects, is now available for sale in the United States and he has a video flip-thru/preview of the book on his website.

The book is a limited edition of 700 copies, and has been for sale in Germany for a few months now. A small number of signed copies are available now from Dashwood Books in New York.

There is an online exhibition of his work on Luminous-Lint.

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