Monday, July 14, 2008

Over 400 online exhibitions on photo-history now running on Luminous-Lint

Harry Lapow
Wedding on the beach, Coney Island [Included in the Family of Man exhibition]

Gelatin silver print
11 x 12 in (appro x )

Harry Lapow / Marcelle Lapow Toor
© Harry Lapow Estate - courtesy of Marcelle Lapow Toor

The following note was supplied by Tom Antoniello (October, 24 2006)

"The woman in the middle is my grandmother. Every year on the "Feast of the Blessed Mother" Aug 15th. My grandmother "Queen of Coney Island" would participate in a celebration. Those who came donated money, which was sent to an orphanage in Italy. Her name was Antonetta DelCore. She took over the leading role in the celebration on Aug 15,1946 . Every year, for 27 years, on Aug 15th she would participate in this celebration and send money to orphanages in Italy.

As far as I know there was no other queen after her and the celebration no longer a tradition."

In March 2006 I added the first exhibition to Luminous-Lint on Harry Lapow: Coney Island and New York using photographs kindly provided by his daughter, this was followed by one on Autochromes: Jean-Baptiste Tournassoud and from these tentative beginnings the content on this website has grown. I just noticed that there are now over 400 online exhibitions on this website and this is quite a milestone - the exhibitions cover a vast range from the history of photography and have been provided by photographers, estates, private collectors, museums, local historical societies, publishers, galleries and a host of others. Over the years better indexes have been created and the content is slowly being linked into the available texts on photo-history. It is far from perfect but we've achieved an amazing amount in less than 30 months.

So many thanks to all of you for participating and sharing your collections and knowledge.

Now let's see what we can do in the next 30 months.....


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