Thursday, July 3, 2008

Exhibition of Don Jim "Urban Artifax" available on Luminous-Lint

Don Jim
[Urban Artifax]
1978 (ca, taken) 2007 (print)

Cibachrome print. from original transparency
8 x 10 in

Private collection of Margo Jim - Estate of Don Jim

The pleasures of an unexpected email. The history of photography is one of connections and some of these are obvious and others forgotten. This online exhibition of the abstractions of Don Jim (1922-2006) is a forgotten pleasure and shows his 1970s series Urban Artifax. He created these by being a visual treasure seeker searching for symbolic gems embedded into the streets of Los Angeles. One can clearly see the influences of Minor White and Aaron Siskind in this series but it also has the strength to stand alone. An exhibition of the Urban Artifax has just been added to Luminous-Lint.

Special thanks to Margo Jim for bringing this series to my attention.

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